Best friends are one of the nicest things in life. This tag was quite random, but a fun chance to look at some favourite books. It also helps to get a lot more people involved. OMG, I had like NO idea I was gonna be filming this video with Michelle today. Also, once you do the games, do not be disheartened whenever your best friends get the questio… Read More

Between Beaver Creek, Colorado and Piney River Ranch, couples travel from around the world to get married in this gorgeous setting. Destination Weddings take many brides to Colorado and while cinematography has become listed as one of the must haves for virtually any wedding, couples are often overwhelmed with who to hire. When browsing through Col… Read More

The world of buying fine jewelry may be an elaborate place, full of Solid Gold, .950 Platinum, Gold plated, Simulated Diamonds, and much more. So how do you understand what are the perfect online jewelry stores to invest in from, or perhaps what cut diamond earrings to buy, looking for the best the lowest priced diamond engagement rings, or the mos… Read More

How you can clear the mind of yours from stress and negative thoughtsHave you ever had unwanted thoughts? Thoughts that take a lot of the energy of yoursIn the video of today you will learn easy methods to take back control over the mind of yours and clear it immediatelyNegative feelings can deplete you and make you really appear to be lacking in e… Read More

Cambridge Analytica is accused of harvesting and storing data from Facebook users, offering illegal services around elections and misleading MPs. LONDON - The board of Cambridge Analytica, the political data firm that allegedly exploited information from 50 million Facebook users to help Donald Trump's campaign, suspended CEO Alexander Nix… Read More